Friday, March 26, 2010

Caleb Turns Two!

My little Caleb turns two today! Our little "Yubba" is growing up so fast and in order to remember you at this age here is a little bit about what you are up to these days:

First of all you are the cutest little brother and sweetest big brother. You absolutely love Josh and would follow him around for hours if he would let you. It's no surprise that Josh was one of your first words. To watch the two of you play together is so stinking cute! For the most part you and Josh get along very well, and when you don't for a little guy you can hold your own now.

You are currently really into coloring and being the drummer in whatever band Josh has created for the day. I should probably note here that the majority of what you and your brother do fight about is whether or not you get to play in the band or if Josh has decided it is a day you are not allowed to touch one of the umpteen guitars around our house. You love to sing and on most car rides will sing for the entire duration. While you are starting to talk more and more you regurally refer to me as daddy and your father as mommy. Kind of weird kiddo :0)

You are definately our accident prone child, but you are also our fearless child which significantly contributes to your injury count. Your latest and greatest injury is the leg you broke this week at the playground. You are successfully the first member of the Frederick family to break a bone (including your Mom and Dad.) Your Dad picked out a super cool glow in the dark cast for you to sport for the next four weeks. Dad and I joke that you've bumped your head so many times that perhaps we should have you wear a helmet to cut down on the amount of goose eggs your noggin suffers.

Your current favorite food is yogurt. You would seriously eat the entire large tub of yogurt if we let you. Your prefered drink of choice is hot chocolate or "chockee" (aka chocolate milk.) Much to my dismay you are still in love with your "be be" (blankie.) It's not the fact that you have an attachment to a blanket it's just that out of all the blankets that were hand made or given to us you chose the wierd flimsy fleece blanket that we somehow accumulated from an airline trip... Go figure.

You also sport some of the craziest hair styles. But that is in large part to the lovely cowlicks you were oh so lucky to inherit. Luckily though they can be tamed with a lot of hair gel and mommy styling.

I love watching your personality develop more and more and I look forward to watching you grow and change for this next year. But for today:


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ethan Paul Frederick

Ethan Paul Frederick
Born Thursday December 3, 2009
6lbs 7oz

Well Ethan came to us a little earlier than expected. Last Wednesday I went in for my routine 38 week appoiontment and found out that the fluid levels around Ethan were low again. So therefor due to concerns about growth restriction and fluid levels Dr. Drake scheduled me to be induced the next day. I was a little worried about how it would go since both my other boys came naturally and lets just say it's really weird going to bed knowing that in a few hours you will be having a baby.

Anyhow the Petocin started around 8:30 am. I am a big pain wimp so I of course opted for the epidural. At around noon I sent Paul to go get some lunch as the last time I was checked I was only at 4 cm so I figured we had a long ways to go. Well by 12:15 the nurse said I was 6cm. Then at 12:30 Dr. Drake came in to check the baby because he was facing up instead of down and in fifteen minutes I found myself at 8cm. Luckily Paul returned from his lunch break at this point (I made him eat in the cafeteria because I was starving and didn't want to see or smell food.) At around 12:45 or so Dr. Drake came back in to try and turn the baby which he did easily and then declared "ok you're ready to have this baby" Paul's response was "What happened to being only 8cm?" Upon which Drake responded "With 3rd babies there is no 8cm" So next the room transformation took place and everything was brought in for the baby and around 1:05 I started pushing... Well two whole pushes later I delivered Ethan. And I thought Caleb's delivery was easy :0)

Ethan seems so tiny compared to the other two boys. I love that I get to snuggle and hug him all I want and he doesn't (can't) wiggle away from mommy or tell her that her kisses are "yucky"
The one bummer was that the kids couldn't come visit their new brother in the hospital. This is their first meeting of baby brother Ethan. (Ethan's stoked if you can't tell) Overall Josh and Caleb are adjusting really well. Josh loves to hold him and be mommy's big helper. Caleb also likes the baby but also thinks he is a big toy. Much of our daily routine so far has been protecting Ethan from Caleb who WWF style tries to hug or "attack" the poor kid.

Life around here is definately busy but wonderful!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Party

Cornerstone hosted a fantastic Harvest Party that the kids absolutely loved. Thank you to the Strandberg's and all the teens and parents that helped put this together for all the smaller kids! We took our little guys all dressed up... Caleb was a dragon and Josh's costume is technically a dinosaur, but if you ask him he was a lizard.
They were both a little unsure of the mini hayride... Caleb absolutely loved the bean bag toss.. Josh enjoyed it too. But his motivation was more for the candy prize at the end :0)The donut on a string game was pretty darn funny to watch the kids do. Josh luckily got a little help and thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate donut Paul and Caleb

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Last Month and a Half

Once again updating our blog has once again fallen by the waste side. By the time I get done looking at everyone else's out there I never seem to have time to update my own. Anyhow... here are some pictures from our family beach trip.

Two super cute brothers playing in the water

Caleb absolutely loved playing in the sandJosh and my mom had a lot of fun writing his name in the sandJosh's way of saying cheese while flying his kite
For Josh's birthday his Great Grandma bought us tickets to the circus. We decided to leave Caleb at home, but the three of us had a great time. Watching the circus through Josh was so much fun! Although one of my favorite quotes from Josh was on the drive home when he told us "Mommy I want Caleb back, I need to see him"

Here is our best attempt at a family self portrait